ActionQ project on Github

12 10 2015

I’ve created a new project on github that allows users to add actions to a FIFO queue to be processed sequentially. I did this because it can be a huge pain to deal with calling multiple actions for multiple sprites, and coordinating what action happens when.  the ActionQ class allows you to easily throw SKActions into the queue and they will run in the order it was received into the queue.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 11.54.05 PM

Make SpriteKit SKSpriteNode glow

3 10 2015

so you’re making your spritekit game, and you want the user to know they should click on a button, but you’re not sure what the best way to do this is. well you have come to the right place.  I’ve run into this issue and have tried a few methods and found a method that really looks cool and is easy to implement. the two basic steps are to copy the SKSpriteNode, place it directly on top of itself, and  change the blendMode to “add” this will make the entire node look like it is glowing. Now the secret sauce is to setup an SKAction loop to continually change the alpha of this new node from 0 to lets say 0.3. this will make a pulsing glow effect on your original skspritenode that looks really neat and is clear to the user that they should click it! here is the code, enjoy!

// this is our original node that we want to make glow
playButton.anchorPoint = CGPointMake(0.0, 0.0)

// create a copy of our original node create the glow effect
let glowNode : SKSpriteNode = playButton.copy() as! SKSpriteNode
glowNode.size = playButton.size
glowNode.position = CGPoint(x: 0, y: 0)
glowNode.anchorPoint = playButton.anchorPoint
glowNode.alpha = 0.5
glowNode.blendMode = SKBlendMode.Add

//create the skaction loop that fades in and out
let fadeOut = SKAction.fadeAlphaTo(0, duration: 1)
let fadeIn = SKAction.fadeAlphaTo(0.3, duration: 1)
let forever = SKAction.repeatActionForever(SKAction.sequence([fadeOut, fadeIn]))

// add the new node to the original node

// add the original node to the scene

Sound Splash 1.0

29 11 2011

All my life I’ve wanted to write an audio visualizer… that moment has arrived with the release of Sound Splash. This is my best app to date, and even if it doesn’t sell a single copy, its still a very cool app, and I’m totally proud of the result.  I just submitted it to the app store, so it should be out this week, enjoy!

DreamFX 2.0!

15 05 2011

Version 2.0 is here and let me tell you, it’s awesome. Here are it’s new features:

1) It’s FAST! Processing a picture used to take around 13 seconds, it now
takes 1. How the heck did I do his? Well I scale the picture down, process it, then scale it back up to save. The down side is that with this fast processing option turned on saving takes a lot longer, but it’s well worth the trade off.

2) On screen adjustments. After you take a picture just touch the screen and an a settings window will pop up with live blur and brightness sliders. You can also choose to run in continuous mode which will apply each adjustment to the previous adjustment (give it a try u will like it). Also an undo button has been added which restores the original picture.

3) other random tweaks and bug fixes here and there


DreamFX Photo version 1.0 ON THE WAY!

10 04 2011

So my newest app that I have been working on for about a month as finally been submitted tot he app store today, they are very slow so it will prob be about a week or two before its actually accepted and ready for download.  This app is by far my favorite! one of my favorite photo shop tricks to make an image look cool is to copy it to a new layer, apply a Gaussian blur, brighten the image a bit, and then apply an overlay blend with the original image.  it really gives it a dreamy, surreal, fantasy sort of feel.  So i thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could just take a picture and have all this done for me, well now I can, and its EPIC. the photos come out really good, and I hope everyone how uses it enjoys it as much as I do.  If you take a cool picture and want to share it, use the email address in the app and send it to me, I’ll put it on this site for the world to see!


28 02 2011

Probably no one reads this so I’m probably wasting my time, but just incase…. I got a two star review for calcbox and the user said there was no delete for the Gpa calculator…. Well there is, he just didn’t know how to use it. At first I was mad at him for the bad review, but then it became clear it was my fault for not making an intuitive interface, so I fixed it and sent the update to apple. Next order of business I’ve been working on Pay clock a lot. I have added overtime, fixed a few bugs, and added a new feature to pull work days from your calendar, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, but it was very difficult to code, and time consuming. So I hope someone uses and enjoys it. I also spent time adding a tax section, and it currently calculates your federal tax correctly. I then started to do state taxes and quickly realized it was a HUGE amount of work, and I would have to update it every year, and half my customers are international, sooo I’m not going to finish it, unless I have a change of heart… That’s all for now enjoy the updates!

Pay Clock Gets a Facelift

1 12 2010
I submitted an update to the app store today which included some visual changes and the addition of some new features such as displaying more info in the saved list, and a paycheck info calculator.  I also added a link to rate the app so please use it!

CalcBox 1.0 on the way!

21 11 2010

I just submitted my new app CalcBox to the app store, so it should be available within the next week, hope everyone enjoys it!

Pay Clock version 1.25 on the way!

4 11 2010


So Steve suggested I add a custom work week calculator for people who work weird hours at different rates… well Steve, ask and you shall receive!!! I just submitted it to the app store, so it will take about 5 days before it hits your iPhones. Enjoy, and please let me know if it needs tweaks, or if you would like other features.

PayClock version 1.2 coming to an app store near you!

16 10 2010

I just submitted an update to payclock with some of the changes that were suggested to me (thanks Tyler).  Integrating payclock with iCal turns out to be much  more than a few hours worth of work, so I’m going to put that off for a rainy day.  Also in this release is the ability to email your saved earnings from the pay list.