28 02 2011

Probably no one reads this so I’m probably wasting my time, but just incase…. I got a two star review for calcbox and the user said there was no delete for the Gpa calculator…. Well there is, he just didn’t know how to use it. At first I was mad at him for the bad review, but then it became clear it was my fault for not making an intuitive interface, so I fixed it and sent the update to apple. Next order of business I’ve been working on Pay clock a lot. I have added overtime, fixed a few bugs, and added a new feature to pull work days from your calendar, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, but it was very difficult to code, and time consuming. So I hope someone uses and enjoys it. I also spent time adding a tax section, and it currently calculates your federal tax correctly. I then started to do state taxes and quickly realized it was a HUGE amount of work, and I would have to update it every year, and half my customers are international, sooo I’m not going to finish it, unless I have a change of heart… That’s all for now enjoy the updates!