DreamFX Photo version 1.0 ON THE WAY!

10 04 2011

So my newest app that I have been working on for about a month as finally been submitted tot he app store today, they are very slow so it will prob be about a week or two before its actually accepted and ready for download.  This app is by far my favorite! one of my favorite photo shop tricks to make an image look cool is to copy it to a new layer, apply a Gaussian blur, brighten the image a bit, and then apply an overlay blend with the original image.  it really gives it a dreamy, surreal, fantasy sort of feel.  So i thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could just take a picture and have all this done for me, well now I can, and its EPIC. the photos come out really good, and I hope everyone how uses it enjoys it as much as I do.  If you take a cool picture and want to share it, use the email address in the app and send it to me, I’ll put it on this site for the world to see!