DreamFX 2.0!

15 05 2011

Version 2.0 is here and let me tell you, it’s awesome. Here are it’s new features:

1) It’s FAST! Processing a picture used to take around 13 seconds, it now
takes 1. How the heck did I do his? Well I scale the picture down, process it, then scale it back up to save. The down side is that with this fast processing option turned on saving takes a lot longer, but it’s well worth the trade off.

2) On screen adjustments. After you take a picture just touch the screen and an a settings window will pop up with live blur and brightness sliders. You can also choose to run in continuous mode which will apply each adjustment to the previous adjustment (give it a try u will like it). Also an undo button has been added which restores the original picture.

3) other random tweaks and bug fixes here and there