CalcBox 1.0 on the way!

21 11 2010

I just submitted my new app CalcBox to the app store, so it should be available within the next week, hope everyone enjoys it!

Pay Clock version 1.25 on the way!

4 11 2010


So Steve suggested I add a custom work week calculator for people who work weird hours at different rates… well Steve, ask and you shall receive!!! I just submitted it to the app store, so it will take about 5 days before it hits your iPhones. Enjoy, and please let me know if it needs tweaks, or if you would like other features.

PayClock version 1.2 coming to an app store near you!

16 10 2010

I just submitted an update to payclock with some of the changes that were suggested to me (thanks Tyler).  Integrating payclock with iCal turns out to be much  more than a few hours worth of work, so I’m going to put that off for a rainy day.  Also in this release is the ability to email your saved earnings from the pay list.

Pay Clock 1.01!

5 10 2010


  • I removed the ads since they were worthless.
  • Added info page and link to the site

Coming soon

  • ability to email your saved pay amounts

Pay Clock 1.0!!

24 04 2010

I’ts out! let me know how you like it, and how to make it better